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Grimgar of fantasy and ash

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Grimgar of fantasy and ash

Postprzez Hideo » 8 lis 2017, o 14:23

Hi every one)
I am sorry I don't know Polish that's why in English.

I almost obsessed with this light novel the best thing I ever read. But of course, I read it faster than it is produced and translated. I ended 5 volumes and now experience hard withdraw but happily, it is only 3 days before 7 volume would be translated. Learn Japan isn't an option. I urgently need a substitute. Any decent light novel suggestion in any genre.

I am new to the light novel before now read-only: "All you need is a Kill" and "Wolf and spices" last don't like so much and abandon on the second volume.

P.S.: Congrats me on my first post. Hope to see you on the meeting in Krakow)))
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